Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pursuit of Happiness

19 mei 06

Does happiness at work matter?
Most of your life is spent going to work, being at work, going from work, thinking about work, and talking about work after work. If you work in customer service, and are not happy with your job, you have the wrong job. You should find the calling that makes you happy. When you are happy at work, you'll never have to work another day.
Most people don't expect to find happiness, working a customer service job. But customer service, by its very nature, presents unique opportunities for the pursuit of happiness, not only for individuals, but for society as a whole.
Researchers in the field of Subjective Well-being (happiness) have found that there are certain characteristics that happy people have in common. Happy people:
* Have self-control
* Are grateful
* Have good social relationships, supportive friends and family
* Have an adequate income
* Have respectable jobs, and
* Have a philosophy that provides meaning to their lives.
So, it does matter happiness at work for the better achievement...


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