Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All the spirit on 06/06/06

Day after day..time past away...everythings bear in my mind..seleps beberapa episod perkenalan, barulah tau keadaan sebenarnya..mybe..it was just a beginning...At the first thought, he was so amazing...but selepas beberapa kali berfikir..either he want to know me as a 'friend'..or...business partner? As i cant confirmed my self. But he treated me nicely. I dont know. Will find it out soon.

He invited me to his ofc tomorrow night. Business matter? well, he is a consultant. A person who has Big Dreams as he told me. Mcmlah org lain xde impian n cita2..=) I cant stop thinking for what he had say. "If someone want to get closer or became my friend, he or she must be a big dreamer"..sounds great. But u know what, if I do have (of course I do) a Big Dreams, I wont tell anybody how big it is. Infact, I wont dare to say it before it become true. Well, as i said before, he's a consultant...he's run on it.

Hem..sekarang ni fikiran aku agak serabut. Mybe memikirkan apa yg akan tejadi pd diri aku untuk tahun2 akan dtg. As he said, U perlu ada target. Impian. Yes, of course I do. But he seem like person who intend to bring preassure in anybodys life. I quite like how he presented his self, instead of his experience but not the way he approached person to be like himself.

Anyhow, he is great man. Full of spirit, full of strength, full of dreams. No wonder he became like he is now. Salute him and wish can be like him one day soon.

Do you Confused? Me too...hi hi


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